About Me

Nathan Schaad
I am an aspiring fantasy and literary author. On this blog, I focus on two broad areas: the craft of fiction, and encouragement/life planning thoughts. I post on Mondays.

My encouragement-centered blogs are attempts to convince myself (and hopefully others by proxy) to be encouraged, to work hard, and to feel productive in my (their) passion/s. My assumption is that I am not the only person struggling to strive towards their passion, and as a result my assumption is that if I need to hear it, others striving towards their dreams do, too.

I was born and raised in Southwestern Ohio, in a smallish town that nobody outside of Ohio has ever heard of. Prior to launching this website, I worked in online marketing and copywriting. I just recently finished up requirements for my M.A. in English/creative writing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and I am currently hunting for a job.

Aside from that, I love video games, spending time with my wonderful wife, reading, food, and having exercised.

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