Demotivated at Work? Consider the Following

What motivates you to continue on your current path? I consider, when asking this question, the 70% of U.S. employees who are disengaged at work. Or, put another way, for 70% of Americans, their job is just a paycheck. That is problematic on a variety of levels. “When did companies decide employee engagement wasn’t important?” […]

Focus to Finish; Focus to Start

When I think about the people with whom I’ve crossed paths, two specific, general archetypes emerge regarding how people approach projects. At the risk of this sounding like a “two kinds of people” generalization, it seems to me that one can cleanly divide people into those who have trouble starting and those who have trouble […]

What Is a “Realistic” Goal?

For those who read last week’s blog, you may have noticed that I marked the term “realistic” in a list of qualities a goal should have with an asterisk. Quick review, here is that list again: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic* Timely


Goals. I talk a lot about them, and pretty much every motivational speaker, writer, and thinker that I have ever come across has said that they are absolutely essential to intentional living. They have to have certain qualities to qualify (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic*, and timely), and of course they must be our own goals […]

How Statistical Analysis Can Ruin Your Life

I remember having conversations with college freshmen and college aspirants while I was teaching and tutoring in Ohio. Inevitably, the conversation would begin with what their major was. Now, I’m not one to be content with knowing simply what a person has decided to dedicate four years of their life to studying. So my first […]

What’s My Motivation?

For the past couple of days, I have been troubled with the question of “why.” “Why” is a powerful question, and a difficult question, and an important question. It’s the last question in the basic “five W’s” of journalism, and it’s the question that often takes the most space in a given article. “Why” is […]

“You Need to Commit”

Towards the end of last week, I was parsing through some old memories that decided to pay a visit in my mind. I hadn’t really thought I was in the mood to reminisce, but they came like an answer to an unasked question. I remembered a time that I went to the skate park to […]

Two Questions for Career Planning

I have lately been grappling with a couple of questions that may or may not have any real answers. However, they seem central at the moment, and plucking at them seems to be the best use of my brain, given everything. The two questions are, “What am I good at?” and “Does that bother me?”

On “Courting Insanity”

There is a Franz Kafka quote: “A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.” I have mixed feelings about it, in part because I think people already think of creative types as some sort of weird monster. They would never admit it, of course, but usually creative output gets celebrated only well after it is […]

My Favorite Emotion

One of my favorite emotions in the world is one that I’m not sure that we have a word for in the English language. Possibly, we do, and if anybody knows what it is, I would love to hear it. It’s fairly adjacent to joy, so that word may be the closest it gets. However, […]