Happy Independence Day

Two hundred forty years. That is how long the United States has considered itself independent of Great Britain. One might say that two hundred forty years ago today marks the signing of the original Brexit, though in truth I see the two situations as too different to make the comparison. At least, it does not seem likely that the Brexit will start a bloody and protracted war and end with Great Britain rebuilding their entire political landscape from scratch.

That is to say, let us not cheapen the Revolutionary War by referencing Brexit. It was a hard-fought war, and on the heels of it there was a hard-fought political battle that established a character for the United States of America. That character, as established, is one that is skeptical of government intervention, and as pro-freedom as can be logically held.

I’m not trying to make a specific political comment here, but rather trying to call to mind some of the original reasons for the separation from Britain, and to ask all who read this to take a moment and reflect on what it means to be an American, then and now.

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